Cloud Computing Demystified


Today we hear this term a lot in the IT industry which is referred to as a “Cloud”, so before we talk about cloud computing let us first understand what do we mean by “Cloud”. Cloud can be defined as a global network of remote servers which are hooked together and are designed to store and manage data, run applications, or deliver content or a service.

So where are these servers located? I am sure that all of you have heard about Data Centers, so cloud providers have Data Centers and within these Data Centers lie these servers that provide you with compute resources like processor, memory, OS, applications etc.


You also receive storage facilities to store your files and databases and you can access data securely from anywhere over the internet.

So Cloud Computing is nothing but the delivery of all these services like Compute, Power, Storage, Networking and Analytic tools to you and you typically pay only for the cloud services that you use, its offered by the cloud providers as a pay as you go model.